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    La Dictadura Perfecta, una pelicula dirigida y producida por Luis Estrada y con un guión original de Estrada con colaboración de Jaime Sampietro, los creadores de La Ley de Herodes y El Infierno.

    Esta pelicula señala en plan de satira lo que todo Mexicano sabe: la capacidad de cierta cadena televisiva de manipular la realidad y promover hasta la silla presidencial a cualquier personaje, asi como algo que todo el pais infiere, su poder de anestesiar la conciencia crítica ciudadana hasta el punto de generalizar el conformismo y favorecer la apatía politica.

    Veanla antes de que la quiten de los cines, a televisa ya le esta calando el chingdazo.


  4. Anonymous said: What did the Arabs do? I've never heard of it?? :/












    • They’ve enslaved millions of Africans
    • They’ve raped thousands of African women
    • They’ve castrated thousands of African men
    • They’ve killed millions of Africans

    They’ve made us “Afro-Arab (although I don’t like to be called Afro-Arab) hate ourselves…now internalised anti-blackness has manifested in us. Many “Afro-Arabs” in Africa and diaspora hate identifying as black and would rather be called Arab. So many of my Swahili family members think that they’re Arab and not black and that our Swahili culture is thanks to the Arabs

    I’m a Congolese Swahili (my Swahili ancestors came from Zanzibar to Congo) and let me list a few things the Swahili-Arabs did in the Congo:

    1. Butchered Congolese men, women and children
    2. Rape Congolese women
    3. Stole from our land
    4. Enslaved us

    oh wow

    they don’t teach about the arab slave trade at all in the US.

    The ankhs don’t talk about it. I guess they don’t know. Or it would conflict with their religious beliefs or lack there of.

    They don’t teach us about the Arab slave trade in the UK either…hardly anyone knows about it. It makes it easier for Arabs to spread their anti-blackness and Arab supremacy shit and continue attacking and killing Africans till this day. How many news stations/newspapers report about what Arabs are doing to Africans in 2014?

    Jesus…I feel like I want to take some classes like asap


    • Read about the Congo-Arab/ Belgo-Arab war
    • Raid by slavers in Nyangwe ( a town in Congo now called Maniema)
    • Congolese Mangbetu slaves 
    • Boy Soldiers and Ivory
    • Also the book “The fall of the Congo Arabs” (it was written by a white guy he also paints Congolese people as savages)
    • "The Economics of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade in the Nineteenth Century"

    And just the Arab slave trade in general 

    I’ve been alseep far too long.

    Everyone has

    I was doing my own research on this earlier this summer. Here’s an article on a number of facts about it.

    Quote from the article “The Arab slave trade in the 19th century was economically tied to the European trade of Africans”…an example: The Swahili-Arabs from Zanzibar worked very closely with the Belgians in Congo (read about it in the books mentioned above)

    I was always told the Arab Slave trade was just as brutal or even more brutal than the European slave trade. Still going on today

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    The Holy Table, the Sigil of Ameth and the Ensigns of Creation.

    These sigils and tables are elements of the ceremonial systems known as Enochian Magic, derived from the work of scholar Dr. John Dee and seer Edward Kelley. Kelley and Dee claimed to collaboratively summon and observe archangels of God through a scrying stone on a prepared table. Through this method, Kelley and Dee were given the Holy Table (the Table of Covenant) and instructed to utilize the Sigil of Ameth (Sigillum Dei) with the scrying-stone. The angels then presented the seven Ensigns of Creation, complex talismants to be engraved on purified tin and arranged on the Holy Table to be used as a means of establishing “conciliation between the magician and the Heptarchic powers”.

    More information on the history and use of these sigils can be found in the Enochian Magick Reference by Benjamin Rowe at the Hermetic Library website.

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    We just added a few SIGNED copies of ‪‎You’re Dead‬ by Flying Lotus on Amoeba.com! It’ll ship FREE to U.S.!

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    Twitter reacts to the Michael Dunn sentence today. Dunn was sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.

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    Dream Theater - Metropolis PT. 2: Scenes From a Memory

    Original album cover

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    This Is Brilliant!

    It is also Soooo beyond what most Americans want to know is happening to them!